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Specimen Polisher

Grinding and polishing machine IM-P2

Even when high speed or low speed, [...]

Roller type lapping unit SP-As1

Lapping unit equipped arms’ o[...]

Holder rotation device SP-L1

SP-L1 can change the rotation speed[...]

Automatic specimen polisher Rana-3

  Possible to set 1 to 6 of sp[...]

Specimen polishing machine Rana-30

Total load system. It can change th[...]

Double discs polishing machine Eo2

Even when high speed or low speed, [...]

AQUA Coolant circulator

Washable 1st sponge fillter. Tank s[...]

Abrasives Auto Drip Device

  Auto drip device with collection [...]

KIRIME (Individual & central holder pressure)

Central holder pressure + Individua[...]

Q-roy (removal value control)

It can do automatically all works. [...]

Automatic specimen polisher Rana-5

Possible to select and set 1 to 6 o[...]


※ This movie is of KIRIME300 that h[...]