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Polishing Cloth & Plate Cloth

DSC_5035 Polishing Cloth 8

  • Texture has been made ​​in Japan is used.
  • 100% natural wool and silk (Senba and Kaga)
  • Silica Final is world No.1 cloth for colloidal silica slurry
  • They realize splendid and fine polish.
Product Code Example:S51IM-KG200 or S51IM-KG200T
Code - Materials ※1 Size(φ)
S51IM - KG(Kaga)


RP(Rapt) TS(Tosa)



SF(Silica Final)


RS(Red Sun)

200 250 300 (adhesive backing)
200T 250T 300T (Matal plate on back)

*200T, 250T and 300T are Plate cloth (which is polishing cloth with metal plate on back).

Mild adhesive glue is used on back face of all cloths (except for Silica Final).

*Easy to remove.