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Diamond Slurry



小 ボトル

*Spray Bottle

  • Environmentally, human-friendly and biodegradable suspension.
  • Even particle size distribution.
  • Diamond grains are not precipitated.
  • Specimens are polished finely by drip of just small amount.
  • Reasonable price 500ml
  • All-in-one type (W605AS) is mixed with lubricant.
Code No. example:    S10SG-P05-025S
Head code - Crystal QTY - Grit size Lubricant
S10SG P (polycrystal standard) M (monocrystal standard) OP※3 (Oil base polycrystal standard) 05 (500ml) 1G (1gallon) 025 1 2 3 6 9 15 S (not included lubricant) AS (included lubricant)

※Grit size 025 is 0.25 μm