Company Information

Message from the President

With the customer first principle in mind, we aim to provide comprehensive services that utilize precision polishing technology in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction. We supply equipment and consumables to industries such as semiconductors, liquid crystal panels, and specimen preparation for microscope observation.

In recent years, we have been developing and selling equipment and consumables for making specimens for microscope observation. In the manufacturing industry, advanced inspection and observation are required to improve quality and develop new materials, and it is important to prepare highly accurate specimens. We are developing specimens preparation equipment, jigs and consumables based on the technology and experience cultivated in the semiconductor business. In addition, it is important to select appropriate consumable materials and verify the preparation conditions for high-precision specimen preparation. We also have a specimen preparation laboratory in-house to find the optimum conditions for the specimen we have received.

Based on the idea that it is an absolutely necessary business to support and develop the world's manufacturing industry, we will strive to become an unsung hero.

Company Profile

Company Name IMT CO., Ltd.
Established Oct-88
Founded Nov-92
President and Representative Director Kaname Morikawa
Capital 10 million yen
Business Activities Wakayama Head Office
Office: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, kyushu.
Oversea: Shanghai
Business Activities Development, manufacture, and sale of specimen equipment, consumable material for specimen preparation equipment, and semiconductor and LCD panel manufacturing equipment; Electrical control design consignment machines
Major Products Specimen polishing machines, specimen mounting presses, specimen fitting machines, general consumable material for specimen preparation, silicon wafer edge polishing machines, LCD panel cleaning machines, and other precision polishing machines