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Polishing machine

The polishig machine made in Japan. We habe various lineups from manual to automatic grinding machines for specimen observation with a microscppe.

Order Made

We manufacture polishing machines used at production sites. It can be made to order, etc. according to the customer's specifications.


We develop and sell high quality consumables for specimen polishing.

IMT for Precision Polishing

We have accumulated technology and know-how at the forefront of precision polishing in the semiconductor and liquid crystal industries.
We specialize in precision polishing of metals, semiconductor wafers, compound semiconductors, glass, urethane, silicon, etc., and we will propose the optimum polishing method for all materials.

About IMT

Utilizing the know-how of all precision polishing technologies, we will propose mainly polishing machines, polishing equipment, and specimen polishing machines. We develop and manufacture polishing machines and equipment for microstructure observation for various research institutions and quality control departments. We will make comprehensive proposals, including the selection of polishing process.