Automatic Mounting Press Agora XX
(2 tower type)

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Speedy mounting pressing time!
Two specimens can be pressed at the same time. Different sample diameters can be selected on the left and right.
Easy-to-operate color touch panel

Main Specifications

  • Pressing time from heating to cooling is dramatically shortened
  • The Agora XX can be selected left and right, different specimen diameters, or the same specimen diameter.
  • Easy-to-operate color touch panel with analog buttons
  • Memory input for various settings and up to 20 mounting conditions
  • The cover is easy to put on and take off. So it is easy to maintain.
  • Since the number of pressed specimens can be displayed, it is easy to calculate the operating rate.

Machine Specifications

Power usage 3800W(2 cylinders are pressed at the same time.)
Applied Pressure Max. 35MPa
Set pressure is automatically controlled.
Heating Temperature 50 to 200℃
Cooling A: Cooling until the set temperature is reached
B: Cooling for the entered length of time
Automatic water cooling
*Choose A or B Cooling,, Flow rate is adjustable.
Operation Automatic lifting buttons of lower ram
Automatic heating to cooling
Memory input for various settings and up to 20 mounting conditions
Specimen Size φ25, 30, or 40mm(inch size is possible)
Please contact us for custom sizes.
Power single-phase 220V
Dimension/Weight W642×D517×H521mm, 87Kg


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