Fully Automatic Polishing Machine Cyrex

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One grinding stage and four polishing stages. The grinding stage is equipped with an automatic dressing and grinding amount adjustment function as standard equipment.
High throughput is achieved by simultaneous polishing of each stage.
Since each stage is equipped with a washing and a drying function as standard equipment, foreign matter from the previous process is not brought in.
We can flexibly respond to various customizations. Please feel free to contact us.

Main Specifications

  • PLC control for increased design freedom With an easy-to-see color touch panel, the Cyrex polishing machine is designed to offer control with excellent operability.
  • Significant productivity improvements Thanks to the cleaning stage included with every polishing stage, backtrack processing is not necessary. This means polishing and cleaning are both performed in a single process, allowing for significantly increased production volume.
  • Industry-first 6-barrel large polishing machine The Cyrex includes one grinding stage and five or more polishing stages.
    the large number of polishing stages allows for a variety of polishing conditions to be configured, with the built-in memory function offering storage of up to 28 polishing conditions.
    The number of polishing stages can be customized to meet customer needs.
  • Stock up on Max. 14 specimen holders The machine can hold up to 14 holders, each capable of holding six φ50mm specimens.
    This makes it possible to prepare a large amount of material for processing.
    Depending on the specimen size, up to 168specimens can be prepared.
    Customer-shape holders can also be used.

Cyrex Machine Specifications

Power Supply 3-phase 200 to 220V, 50/60Hz
Air 0.5 to 0.7Mpa (With filter and regulator)
Water 0.2 to 0.4Mpa, 20L/min or less
Grinding Stone Rotational Speed 800 to 1700rpm(Adjustable)
Grinding Stone Diameter φ355mm
Polishing Table Diameter φ310mm
Compatible with sizes up to φ350mm
Polishing Table Rotation Speed 60 to 350mm (Adjustable by units of 1rpm)
Specimen Holder Diameter φ160 to 200rpm
with support for specially shaped holders
Specimen Holder Rotation Speed 60 to 200rpm(Adjustable by nits of 1rpm
Applied Pressure 60 to 600N (Adjustable by units of 1N)
Polishing Condition Memory Count 28 conditions, PLC control
Extremal Dimensions/ Weight W6325×D1545×H1900㎜/ Approx. 5000㎏


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