Fully Automatic Polishing Machine Cyrex-8

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Powerful and large-volume specimens polishing machine
The machine can be adjustable rotation speed of holder and disc and programmed three steps during one polishing.
The coolant with a filter comes with a "waste valve" that makes it easy to replace water.
With a double button start and patrol light as standard equipment, safety is also taken into consideration.

Main Specifications

  • Two stage adjustable polishing conditions Two different movements can be programmed into a single polishing process.
    The machine can be configured, for example, to increase pressure gradually for a few seconds(i.e., 15 seconds) immediately after polishing starts and to reduce pressure gradually until a few seconds(i.e., 10 seconds) before polishing ends.
  • Optional Accessories Production using holders with other hole shapes is also possible. Feel free to contact us.
    (Ex.) Leveling Machine+Specimen Holder
    (Ex.) Leveling Machine+Specimen Holder
  • Grinding height control function

Polishing Area

Holder Size MAX. φ200mm
Disc Size φ200, 250, 300, 310㎜
Primary Air Source 0.5MPa or greater air supply required.
Power Supply 3-phase 200 to 220V, 50/60Hz
Dimension/Weight W810×D800×H1660㎜(H1850㎜ is signal light included), about 350㎏

Specimen Rotation Area

Holder Rotation Speed 50 to 300rpm(reversible)
Motor output:0.75kW
Disc Rotation Speed 50 to 400rpm(reversible)
Motor output : 1.5kW
Applied Pressure 50 to 700N Total load system
Polishing Head Position adjustable to ±50mm to the left or right(with convenient handle movement)
Polishing Liquid DIA 4 bottles or DIA 3 bottles+ Silica 1 bottle
With adjustable amount and frequency, and automatic supply
Signal Light and Safety Cover 3-color signal light(optional)
Lightweight manual movement shutter(standard equipment)
Circulating Coolant Tank (Includes filter) 50L tank(optional)
Control method PLC Control


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