Mounting Press GI-10

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Usable with transparent acrylic resin
Coolant function is designed as standard
Auto stope system with digital timer prevent forgetting to turn off the heater
In the unlikely event of trouble, the thermo fuse will shut down completely.

Main Specifications

  • Auto stop system with digital timer can prevent forgetting to turn off the heater The auto stop function with a digital timer prevents you from forgetting to turn off the heater.
    In the unlikely event of trouble, the thermo fuse will shut down completely.
  • Handy hydraulic jack system to minimize breakdowns
  • Adjustable heating temperature usable with epoxy resin

Standard Accessories Heat-resistant gloves, funnel, mold releasing agent, measuring spoon, wire brush

Machine Specifications

Power usage Max. 1500W
Applied Pressure 0 to 35MPa(Manual hydraulic jack)
Heating Temperature Configurable to between 0 and 200℃
The heater is turned off when the timer reaches 0 seconds
Heating Period Digital auto-stop
Start using green button→Timer countdown starts when set temperature is reached→End buzzer sound for notification
Cooling Built-in corrugated coolant tubing
(Water faucet opened by operator)
Specimen Size Set selectable from φ25, 30, or 40mm
(Special inch-size orders possible)
Power Supply 100V
Dimension/Weight W360×D480×H658mm, 55kg


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