Polishing Machine with Griding Amout Control Function Q-roy

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Removal values in the Z-axix direction(height) can be set individually for each of the three specimens.
The grinding value can be set in 1 μm units and automatically stops when the grinding value is reached.
Automatic polishing is also possible in time mode.
Easy to operate with a large button touch panel and convenient analog buttons.

Main Specifications

  • Compact polishing machine with some convenient automatic function Removal values in the Z-axix direction(height) can be set individually for each of the three specimens.
    Even after the first specimen reaches the set removal value, polishing will continue without the remaining two specimen removal values being reset.
  • Timed polishing control Polishing can also be controlled based on time.
    Two different movements can be programmed into a single process.
  • Automated with Abrasive Auto Drip With the addition of the "Abrasive Auto Drip Device", automatic finish polishing can be performed without the assistance of the operator.
  • Grinding value error can be corrected Grinding errors occur due to runout of the disk and elasticity of the buff.
    It has an offset function that can correct the grinding error by inputting the runout of the disk surface in advance.
Disc Size High-precision grinding disc: φ223mm or φ200mm
High-precision polishing disc: φ200mm
Magnetic disc: φ200mm
discs sold separately
Polishing Function Individual-load polishing
Rotation Speed Disc: 50 to 300rpm(reversible)
Holder: 50 to 200rpm
Number of Specimens Max. 3×φ25, 30, or 40mm
Production of other custom sizes is possible.
(holder sold separately)
Applied Pressure Individual load: 5 to 30N per specimen
Operation Touch panel + analog button + rotation speed knob
Selectble between "Removal value auto stop" or "Timed auto stop"
Automatic water supply Start/Stop+Analog water button
Removal values Directional (Z-axis) removal values between 5μm and 5mm can be input per specimen
Up to H20 mm can be set
Grinding up to 5 mm is possible
1 μm unit setting
Head Mechanism Heead lowering/raising, with manual polishing when the head is lifed
Air Souece 0.5 to 0.7MPa
Separate regulator also required for sources above 0.7MPa)
Motor Output Head: 60W brushless motor
Base: 120W brushless motor
Power Supply Single-phase 100V or single-phase 220V
Dimensions/Weight W480 x D670 (up to the drain) x H500 (650 when the head is raised) mm, 45 kg


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