Holder Rotation Device SP-L1

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SP-L1 is a specimen rotating machine to be attached to the polishing machine IM-P2
When polishing an pressed specimen, if SP-L1 is attached to the polishing machine IM-P2, automatic polishing becomes possible.
The ability to change the head rotation speed of the SP-L1 makes, it possible to grind workpieces without losing parallelism by ensuring the holder and disc rotate at the same speed and in the same direction.

Main Specifications

  • Take advantage of the individual load system! When grinding material such as for electronics up to an observed target line(via holes,etc), individual loading makes it possible to take out specimens as they reach the target grinding position.
    UP to three specimens can be set.
  • Machine workpieces without losing parallelism With individual load systems, the polishing surface of specimens may become titled, causing a pencil-like shape to occur.
    The ability to change the holder rotation speed of the SP-L1 makes it possible to grind workpieces without losing parallelism by ensuring the holder and disc rotate at the same speed and in the same direction based on the recommended polishing method.
    Coarse polishing: Polishing paper or polishing pad
    Disc rotation speed: 200rpm/Holder: 200rpm
    Fine polishing: DIA+polishing cloth
    Dis rotation speed: 65 to 150rpm/Holder: 65 to 165rpm
  • Semi-automatic polishing is possible! Lubricator standard included! Automatic polishing is possible by attaching SP-L1 to Polishing Machine IM-P2.
    A lubricant drip unit "Lubricator" with a drip amount adjustment function and an open / close valve is included as standard.

SP-L1 Specifications

Rotation Speed 0 to 200rpm, adjustable
Number of Specimens Selectable from 1 to 3
Applied Pressure (Spring-type individual load) 10 to 40N per specimen
Specimen Holder φ25mm, φ30mm, or φ40mm ×3 specimens each
Production of other custom sizes is possible.
Holder sold separately
Lubricator Standard accessory (Analog flow-rate adjustment type
Power single-phase 100V/single-phase 220V
Plug into the IM-P2 outlet 75W motor
Dimension/Weight W460×D655×H550(685mm when the head is lifted) mm / 50kg
(Values are for IM-P2 installed.)

IM-P2 Machine Specifications

Disc Size Grinding disc: φ223mm or 200mm or 250mm
Polishing disc: φ200mm or 250mm
Magnetic disc: φ200mm or 250mm
discs sold separately
Rotation Speed 50 to 400rpm, adjustable(50/60Hz common)
Supply/drain water function Opening/closing of water supply cock.(attached water supply/drain hose)
Power Supply Single-phase 100V, 50/60Hz, or single-phase 200 to 220V
50/60Hz 200W geared motor
Dimensions/Weight W390×D655(to drainage opening)×H195mm/31kg


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